Board of Directors

2017-2018 Chairman of the Board of Directors

Amy Brandenstein

Amy Brandenstein is Chevron’s Public and Government Affairs Community Affairs Representative at the Pascagoula Refinery.  For the past fourteen years, Amy has coordinated Chevron’s community engagement, employee involvement, and non-profit outreach activities. She formerly served as Public Relations Director for the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce and covered the Jackson County beat in her role as reporter for WLOX-TV.  Amy holds a bachelor of arts degree from The University of Missouri’s acclaimed school of journalism.

Currently a member of Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, Excel By 5, Backpack Buddies of Pascagoula and Audubon Mississippi Board of Directors, the Salvation Army and Pascagoula River Audubon Center Advisory Councils, Amy has served as Chairman of the United Way for Jackson & George Counties Board of Directors and Past President of the Pascagoula Rotary Club.    She is also a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow and life member of Junior Auxiliary of Pascagoula-Moss Point.

Amy is a graduate of the Chamber of Commerce’s Jackson County Leadership Program and has been named one of “South Mississippi’s Top 10 Business Leaders Under 40” by the Journal of South Mississippi Business.

She and her husband David reside in Pascagoula with their two daughters, Abby and Emma. She is an active member of First Presbyterian Church of Pascagoula.

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Amy Brandenstein-Chairman

Executive Committee, 09/30/2019

Lee Bond-Past Chairman    

Executive Committee, 09/30/2018

Cedrick Hurd-Chairman-Elect

Executive Committee, 09/30/2020

Dorothy Shaw-Treasurer

Executive Committee, 09/30/2018

Jerry St. Pé-Director  

Executive Committee, 09/30/2018

Jeremy Boulware-Vice President

Executive Committee, 09/30/2018

Landon McCarty-Vice President

Executive Committee, 09/30/2018

Todd Trenchard-Vice President

Executive Committee, 09/30/2018

Carla Todd Voda, IOM-President & CEO  

Executive Committee     

Board of Directors

Adam Askew- Director
Professional/Finance  09/30/2020

Jennifer Garlich- Director
Professional/Finance  09/30/2018

Karl Steinberger- Director
Professional/Finance  09/30/2018

Kelly Sessoms, III- Director
Professional/Finance  09/30/2019

Jason Keenum, CPA- Director
Professional/Finance  09/30/2019

Clay Williams- Director
At Large 09/30/2018

Nicky Maxwell- Director
At Large 09/30/2018

Renee Pettis- Director
At Large 09/30/2019

Julie Gresham- Director
At Large  09/30/2020

Charles D. Oakes- Director
At Large  09/30/2019

Brenda H. Simkins- Director
At Large  09/30/2018

Dederia Demouey- Director
Manufacturing & Industry  09/30/2020

JJ Fletcher- Director
Manufacturing & Industry 09/30/2020

Ellen Freeman- Director
Manufacturing & Industry  09/30/2019

Cameron George – Director
Manufacturing &Industry  09/30/2019

Alan Sudduth- Director
Manufacturing & Industry  09/30/2018

Christian Hartley- Director
Small Business  09/30/2020

Anita Brooks- Director
Small Business  09/30/2020

Vicki Rosetti Applewhite- Director
Small Business  09/30/2020

Executive Committee & Directors
October 1, 2017, through September 30, 2018

Area Councils

The Gautier Area Council, Moss Point Area Council and Pascagoula Area Council are divisions of the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce. Their mission is to help implement the 2017-2018 Program of Work within their communities. These Chamber divisions ensure that we are meeting the needs of our geographic areas. The Area Councils are internally organized with their own Vice President and directors. The operational link between each Council and its parent, the Chamber, is the Vice President and two directors’ appointment to the Chamber Board of Directors. The Area Councils give us the opportunity to produce community benefits and build a better Jackson County.

Sue Wright-Director
Moss Point Area Council, 09/30/2018

Rev. Peggy Gibson-Director
Moss Point Area Council, 09/30/2018

Delorise Nettles-Director
Gautier Area Council, 09/30/2018

Jill Hart-Director
Gautier Area Council  09/30/2018

Suzanne Kinsey-Director
Pascagoula Area Council  09/30/2018

Shannon van Duijvendijk- Director
Pascagoula Area Council  09/30/2018


Phil Torjusen- Ex-Officio
City of Gautier, Elected Term

Paula Yancey- Ex-Officio
City of Gautier, Term of Office

Mario King-Ex-Officio
City of Moss Point, Elected Term

Shea Dobson-Ex-Officio
City of Ocean Springs, Elected Term

Dane Maxwell-Ex-Officio
City of Pascagoula, Elected Term

Mike Mangum-Ex-Officio
Jackson County Industrial Suppliers Association, Term of Office

Roy Williams-Ex-Officio
Counsel, Term of Office

Troy Ross-Ex-Officio
Jackson County Board of Supervisors, Elected Term

Brian Fulton-Ex-Officio
Jackson County Board of Supervisors, Term of Office

George Freeland-Ex-Officio
Jackson County Economic Development Foundation, Term of Office

Mike Mangum-Ex-Officio
Jackson County Industrial Suppliers Association, Term of Office

Mark McAndrews-Ex-Officio
Jackson County Port Authority, Term of Office

Dr. Tammy Franks-Ex-Officio
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, Term of Office

Rich Westfall-Ex-Officio
Visit Mississippi Gulf Coast/Charter Bank, Term of Office

Captain Brian D. Lawrence, USN,
Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Gulf Coast, Tour of Duty


Issue Manager Group Chairmen

Debbie McLendon-Community Relations
Chairman 09/30/2018

Debbie Anglin-Education
Chairman 09/30/2018

Ellen Cole-Membership
Chairman  09/30/2018

Brenda H. Simkins-Regional Strategy
Chairman 09/30/2018

Jen Dearman-Small Business
Chairman  09/30/2018