Issue Manager Groups

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

As a Chamber member, we need your input and participation in the Issue Manager Groups, Task Forces and objectives throughout the year. When you join the Chamber, we hope that you will let us know what we can do to help you “Grow Your Business!

Community Relations IMG –Debbie McLendon, Chairman

Mission Statement – Facilitate community outreach efforts between the Chamber and its Issue Manager Groups to members and residents of Jackson County.

• Develop a strategic communication and outreach plan for the Chamber using social media, speaking engagements and templates.
• Create a team environment to support collective efforts of the issue manager groups.
• Strengthen community outreach and media relations.

Education IMG –Debbie Anglin, Chairman

Mission Statement – To advocate for education and workforce development in Jackson County.

• Support Explosion of Excellence.
• Support P2P through advocacy.
• Bridging the gap between education and workforce
• Support the coordination of MS Scholars-Tech Masters presentations.

Small Business IMG –Jen Dearman, Chairman

Mission Statement – To support small business growth and success through guidance, education, training and resources.

• Small Business Walks: Consider electronic collection of information; expand business scopes; midpoint check; ask other committees for volunteers; identify problems incurred when someone tries to open a business.
• Anchor Awards: Consider more categories; provide workshop to educate applicants; 10-year anniversary
• Industrial Trade Show: increase qualified traffic/audience
• Summer Learning Series: Consider a branding/marketing session; consider rotating locations; digitally recording.
• Mentoring Program: build database members; flyer in Business Walks packet; recruit retiree organizations
• Maximizing Chamber membership: Partner/engage Coffee with the Chamber; create short video series; rotate the location.

Membership IMG –Ellen Cole, Chairman

Mission Statement – Increase membership and retention through membership engagement and communication.

• Continue Coffee with the Chamber, change venues and schedule board members to attend.
• Expand the Chamber presence across County footprint and schedule forums to discuss community issues.
• Increase Board of Directors’ accountability for membership.
• Target markets via technology, testimonials, rack cards, calendar and Facebook.

Regional Strategy –Brenda H. Simkins, Chairman

Mission Statement – To develop policy, plans and programs that focus on issues and policy that ensure and enhance a favorable business and community environment within Jackson County.

• Bring clear focus on Jackson County priorities for BP-funded projects and coordinate unity and support for those projects.
• Grow and leverage Jackson County’s influence on coast-wide boards and other regional/statewide/national forums so to support business and community issues.
• Be proactive in the election processes by educating membership and candidates on public policies related to business and industry.
• Maximize the strengths of local government entities, business and industry in promoting the assets of Jackson County.

Pictured: Brenda Simkins, Chairman of the Regional Strategy IMG, speaking at a forum in November 2017