New Date for Jackson County Industrial Trade Show

We have new dates for the Jackson County Industrial Trade Show! Right now, we’re looking at October 5th and 6th. October 5th would be setup and crawfish boil, October 6thwould be the ribbon cutting and the trade show. We will still be at the Jackson County Civic Center. This email is going to a list of people who have either been vendors in the past, were registered for this year, or are prospective vendors. So, those who were already registered will keep your spots. If any of you who were registered cannot make this date then we will open up your spots for others. So please respond to this email with your plans. If you weren’t registered and are now able to or are now interested, indicate that as well and we will try to work with you.


Gautier Loosens Restrictions on Number of Customers Allowed in Stores at Once

The Gautier City Council on Tuesday voted to loosen its restrictions on the number of customers that will be allowed inside local stores at one time. City leaders voted to amend the City’s COVID-19 order adopted on April 1.

The section pertaining to businesses and establishments having a large customer base was revised to permit 100 customers at one time in stores of 100,000 square feet or larger, 75 customers at one time in stores between 25,000 and 99,999 square feet, 50 customers at one time in stores between 14,000 and 24,999 square feet, and 20 customers at one time in stores under 14,000 square feet.

In addition, all non-essential businesses shall continue to follow the executive orders of Gov. Tate Reeves and shall be permitted to operate if and when the governor removes or amends those orders.

All other provisions of the order will remain in place until such time as the local emergency ceases or this order is revisited by the Gautier City Council.