Executive Committee

Anita Brooks – Chairman 09/30/2023

Julie Gresham – Past Chairman 9/30/2023

Casey Hill – Chairman-Elect 9/30/2024

Dorothy Shaw – Treasurer 09/30/2023

Jerry St. Pé – Director 09/30/2023

Josh Borden – Vice-President, Moss Point Area Council 9/30/2023

Amy Brandenstein – Vice-President, Pascagoula Area Council 9/30/2023

Katherine Swetman – Vice-President, Ocean Springs Area Council 9/30/2024

Delorise Nettles – Vice-President, Gautier Area Council 9/30/2023

Paige Roberts – President & CEO 


Karl Steinberger

Professional/Finance 09/30/2024


Kelly Sessoms, III

Professional/Finance 09/30/2025


Cheryl Cooper

Professional/Finance 09/30/2025


Jeremy Boulware

Professional/Finance 09/30/2023


Gregory Capranica

Professional/Finance 09/30/2024


Melissa Schnoor

At-Large 09/30/2024


Mark Scott

Manufacturing & Industry 09/30/2025


Ellen Freeman

Manufacturing & Industry 09/30/2025


Melanie Landsiedel

Manufacturing & Industry 09/30/2024


Matt Fall

Manufacturing & Industry 09/30/2023


Christian Hartley

Professional/Finance 09/30/2023


Sherri Johnson

Professional/Finance 09/30/2024


April Stennett

City of Gautier Representative 09/30/2023


Sue Wright

City of Moss Point Representative, 09/30/2023


Ravin Nettles

City of Ocean Springs Representative 09/30/2023


Katarina Scott

City of Pascagoula Representative 09/30/2023


Casey Vaughn

City of Gautier, Elected Term


Paula Yancey

City of Gautier, Term of Office


Billy Knight

City of Moss Point, Elected Term


Kenny Holloway

City of Ocean Springs, Elected Term


Dr. Jay Willis

City of Pascagoula, Elected Term


Michael Silverman

City of Pascagoula, Term of Office


Randy Bosarge

Jackson County Board of Supervisors, Elected Term


Brian Fulton

Jackson County Board of Supervisors, Term of Office


George Freeland

Jackson County Economic Development Foundation, Term of Office


Mary Martha Henson

Jackson County Economic Development Foundation, Term of Office


Jeremy Boulware

Jackson County Industrial Suppliers Association, Term of Office


Mark McAndrews

Jackson County Port Authority, Term of Office


Dr. Tammy Franks

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, Term of Office

Committee Chairs

Debbie Anglin – Education & Workforce Development

Chairman 09/30/2023


Mark Scott – Government & Public Policy

Chairman 09/30/2023


Leah Singleton – Small Business

Chairman  09/30/2023